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Electrical Fire in a 1964 Mercury

Let me tell you about the times I have had electrical fires in my 1964 Marauders.

The first time it required replacing the wiring harness.  That prompted an investigation into the cause of the fire and this video will tell you what was learned and my solution.The cause of the fire was a failed alternator.  The solution is to insert a fusible link in the alternator wire.

An alternative solution is to upgrade to a 1965 or newer alternator.  This requires the modification of the wiring harness, thereby detracting from the authenticity of your Mercury.

Hopefully, this information will help you continue to enjoy your Mercury.

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Joel Ferris, owner of Mercuryland

Joel Ferris, owner of Mercuryland


I’m Mercury Joel.  I have spent a lifetime driving, repairing, and restoring Mercurys.  The purpose of this blog is to share my experience with these unique automobiles in the expectation that you will enjoy your Mercury as much as I have enjoyed mine.

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